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[Staz hotel] Staz Ulsan

  • [Ulsan] Check-in
    Stars Ulsan branches are contactless and do not have a front desk. Around 13PM on your check-in day, you will receive a check- in information email.(Room number & password) Check in From 4PM (*The check-in time may vary depending on the packages)You will only be able to enter your room from the check-in time.   Early Check in 1) From 1:00 PM on the day of arrival, you can request the early chec...
  • [Ulsan] Location
    Address : 65 Namjung-ro, Nam-gu, UlsanKOR address : 울산광역시 남구 남중로 65(Land Lot Address: 224-17 Samsan-dong)   How to visit Urbanstay (Transport) * KTX Ulsan Station -> Bus ① Take bus No.1703 from Ulsan Station Bus Stop② Get off [Agricultural (Products) Wholesale Market bus stop]③ Cross the crosswalk straight ahead④ cross the other side of the crosswalk, go straight on the right side⑤ Turn le...
  • [Ulsan] Parking
    [Process] You may only park through "Kakao Valet." Please come to the building's valet booth on Floor B1 for guidance. When parking at night or early morning hours (10:00 pm - 7:00 am) You may come to the valet office on Floor B2 Vehicles with a height over 2.1m  are not allowed for parking [Departure] After making payment at the kiosk on 1F, please visit to B1. Our valet parking attenda...
  • [Ulsan] Luggage Storage
    Luggage storage room :  The 1st floor(behind the lobby information desk ) Password: The password for the luggages storage via a check-in message (email / Kakao Talk / SMS) on the day you check in. Operation time: 24/7 (Available until 18:00 on the day of check-out, CCTV is installed) *If you do not have a luggage tag or leave your luggage for over 30 days, disposal procedures will be carried ...
  • [Ulsan] Lighting ,Wifi
    Lighting IIf the lights in the room do not turn on, please check the master switch at the room entrance   WIFI ID : STAZ HOTE_room number / PW: None (auto-connect)Ex. If you are in Room 123 : STAZ HOTEL_123 If the WIFI connection is unstable, you may use the WIFI that starts with NEXT with the strongest signal without a password.
  • [Ulsan] Home appliances
    TV Netflix and Youtube are available (Please use your personal account.) If you use a personal account, please make sure to log out before checking out. If you see "No input signal" on the TV screen① Please check if the HDMI cable is connected properly to the selected input socket.② Turn off the power to the set-top box behind the TV, turn it back on, and wait 5minutes to connect.③ please ensu...
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